Stave Five, Day Five

“…he knew what path lay straight before him, and he took it.”

When Scrooge joined the throng of travelers going to and fro on Christmas morning, he encountered one of the men who had come into his office the day before to ask for donations. The way Scrooge had treated the man pained him now, and he knew what he had to do. He knew an apology was in order. 

If we are not convinced by a little laughter and dancing and warmth that Scrooge has changed, maybe this little scene will help us see the reality of a new Scrooge. Swallowing pride and making amends are difficult things to do when we are convinced we are right about life. For Scrooge to approach the man before being seen, to admit his folly the day before, to ask forgiveness, and to make amends testifies to a changed heart. 

When we encounter Jesus, the same should be true for us. We will make mistakes. We will offend others by our words and actions. While we strive to avoid those things, the mark of one who knows Christ is our response afterward. Does pride stand in the way of relationships? Does fear of being humbled keep you from making things right. 

Let the humbleness of our Savior, who took on flesh, guide us toward reconciliation in all things. 

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