British Lit

Image by Sara Price from Pixabay

From Beowulf’s heroism to Heathcliffe’s passion to Bigwig’s loyalty, British literature has given the world larger-than-life characters and compelling stories that have fired the imaginations of children and adults for centuries. Shakespeare, Defoe, Austen, Dickens, Hardy, Lewis, … . All those and more, coming to this page soon. Click on a book below to go to that book’s page.


Monsters, heroes, villains, dragons.

Jane Eyre

Mystery, evil (but not from whom you might think), and a girl with character—and gumption.

Lord of the Rings

You need to read the books. The movie ruined the ending.


The second in Lewis’s Space Trilogy.

Watership Down

Rabbits—and so much more.

Wuthering Heights

The Hobbit

The adventures of an introvert who grows into a hero with a little nudging and a little luck.

North and South


Gothic and Fitzgeraldish.

A Christmas Carol

A Christmas tale of resurrection and it’s transforming effects on others.

Far from the Madding Crowd


Whose Body?

Not all those who wander are lost.


I didn’t even put this quote here. Just part of the template. But appropriate, don’t you think?

I hope you enjoy wondering through the thoughts about these great books and maybe even getting lost.

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