The Gospel Always Challenges

We must be vigilant in resisting a Jesus who seems to say only what we want to hear or a gospel that perpetuates ideals that benefit only our existing cultural structures. No matter who we are, the gospel should challenge us.

He Saw That It Was Good p. 90

This is true. It always has been true and always will be true. The gospel calls us to die to self, and we want to live for self. The gospel calls us to sacrifice for others, and we want others to live for us. And even after we have been changed by the gospel, we are not whole yet. We are not immune from the pull of the world or the flesh or the devil. We are not immune from forgetting to love our neighbors, especially the ones we don’t like. And so if we are not being challenged by the gospel, we ought to scratch our heads and wonder why. For it may be that we have become lazy in listening to the God-man and his call to follow him. 

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