Complicated and Comprehensive

But as tempting as it is to feel that there are multiple Christs in circulation who are completely unrelated, I believe that the reality is a bit more nuanced—that the Christ of the Bible is fairly complicated.

He Saw That It Was Good p. 58

I think John’s gospel bears this out. If Christ were simply one dimensional, John would not have needed or even wanted to present so many signs. His purpose in presenting so many signs, as he states at the end, is that we might believe that Jesus is the Messiah and by believing have life in Jesus’ name. If it were simply one trait that made Jesus the Messiah, there would be no need for water into wine and healing a lame man and feeding 5000 and giving sight to the blind man and raising the dead. For it’s not just power that John is trying to reveal. The context, the response, the offense, and the conversations surrounding the events all reveal, not a different Christ, but a comprehensive Christ. They reveal the very character of God. 

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