Limits Are No Liability

I can give tomatoes away and I can leave a few on the vie without fear. And I wonder if this is what it means to flourish, to exist in a place where limits are no liability because abundance is sure. I wonder if this is Eden.

Turning of Days p. 94

The prolific tomato plants are a metaphor for life. I know all about prolific years and sparse years. I have picked thousands—yes thousands—of cherry tomatoes off of one plant, and I’ve lost everything to worms and blight. Having an abundance makes sharing easy. But flourishing is not about abundance as much as it is a lack of fear, a place where “limits are no liability.” I may not have thousands, but I have some, and when I can share my some or few, it is then that Eden starts to emerge. And if the kind of lovingkindness that says “you are more important than me having a few” begins to spread to others, then I’m not just flourishing, but I begin to see families and communities flourish as well. 

It is a place where abundance is sure because we serve a God who supplies all we need—not necessarily all we might like. 

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