Shaping the World, Carving Dark Idols

Each of us is creative. Each of our lives becomes a canvas displaying what our idea of good is.

The same talent that can help us shape the world for Christ can be used to carve dark idols …. We all have gold and shadow.

He Saw That It Was Good xxiii

Creativity is a sign that we were made in God’s image. And redeemed or not, we all create, all splash paint on the canvas. And the world is watching—and considering what we believe to be good. I don’t know that I’ve ever thought about it quite that way. But it’s true. We paint good—from our perspective. And unfortunately, the default is good for me. Your default is good for you. It’s not the default because we were made in God’s image. It’s the default because we are bent. And we need redeeming so that good is community good, not me good. Whatever our gift is, we will be haunted by gold and shadow. We must let Christ’s light chase the shadows; we must let the Spirit fashion the gold. Our creativity is not meant for us but the for the world, for the good of the world. And good, as Micah says, is to do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with God. 

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