Grace: Not a Cover for Wickedness

Faith is not real without repentance, and faith is not like that of the demons, simply assenting to true claims. Faith works itself out in love. Faith takes up a cross and follows Christ. A notion of “grace” apart from lordship can provide cover for all sorts of wickedness.

Onward p. 201

Repentance. There’s the rub. I’m reminded of some lines from the song “Where I Began” by Caedmon’s Call. 

Give my purity and give my continence
But oh no, not yet. 
Like a coin hiding in the corner
Trying not to be swept
And I was trying not to be swept.

We want grace and the ability to stay like we are. Jesus wants us conformed into his image that the world might know of his goodness and mercy and love and beauty. There’s nothing beautiful about an unrepentant “Christian” bragging about Jesus with no discernible characteristics of his Lord. There’s also nothing beautiful about an unrepentant Christian who excuses his wickedness as no big deal because “it’s all about grace.” Don’t claim the Savior’s name if there’s no desire to embrace his humility and no desire to repent and let the Spirit bear fruit in your life. 

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