A Thinking Religion

Many of the ideologies and practices and policies we must confront are indeed deadly. But we aren’t preaching to those in bondage to such dangers if we simply repeat slogans. We must ask why such things are appealing and why arguments for them can seem plausible.

Onward p. 199

But slogans are easy. Slogans that can be posted on social media as a gotcha make us feel superior. But they don’t build relationships or deal with people’s objections or meet them in the places where they ache and thus make bad choices to ease that ache. Are we willing to actually spend the time and think, as Moore encourages us, about how to engage? What is the appeal of that sin, that policy, that way of thinking? Why is it ultimately harmful? And no, “because God says,” however true that might be, is not sufficient for someone who doesn’t believe in God. And how does the gospel offer something better? And this is the real crux of the issue. It does no one any good to tell them they are wrong if we offer them nothing to take the place of what they are doing to try to fill some void in their life. 

Telling someone they are drowning without throwing them a rope is also not helpful and that’s what a cute slogan or meme is. 

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