Demonizing Our Opponents

When we don’t oppose demons, we demonize opponents. And without a clear vision of the concrete forces we as the church are supposed to be aligned against, we find it very difficult to differentiate between enemy combatants and their hostages. p.

Onward p. 192

Certainly Moore is thinking of Paul’s admonition to the Ephesians, “Our battle is not against flesh and blood.” But I think we feel like our battle is against one another. We have adopted the world’s ways of fighting: belittle, scorn, mock, degrade, slander, and pounce on every slight mistake or miscue. But this passage is also referring to what he quoted just a page earlier. Our gentleness and truth is the hope we have to lead captives from the devil as Paul would tell Timothy. If you are a Christian, stop taking your cues of how to engage your enemy from the world and from politicians and from social media. If you are a Christian, take your cues from Christ and His gospel. 

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