To Remedy Our Past Sins

We have much to repent for in our accommodation to some cultural patterns of family dissolution and Sexual Revolution. But our attitude should not be one that concludes, “Since many have shirked their churchly responsibilities in some things, let us now shirk our responsibilities in everything” … We don’t remedy our past sins by adding new ones.

Onward p. 178

That is true. Yet I wonder if another issue might be more common. We know our hypocrisy when we refuse to give up our own sexual sins and still judge others for theirs. Instead of repenting of ours, we embrace theirs as well in an effort to ease our guilt. Yet that will not work. And so we should, instead, come to a similar evaluation as Moore: We don’t remedy our past sins by accepting or embracing new ones; instead we should repent of our own and live godly lives, regardless of the cost, in the midst of a world that will not embrace our sexual ethic. 

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