Civil Religion

In the fullness of time, a spiritually-empowered Caesar will decide that gospel preaching shouldn’t happen, if it disturbs the commerce of the silversmiths of Artemis (Acts 19:21–41), and it always does. The kind of religion the state, any state, will support will always be a “God and country” civil religion that supports the agenda of the politicians.

Onward p. 149

And that’s the hard part of trying to separate the church from political parties. We like the favor of the government. But in gaining its favor, we become accustomed to its favor. And to keep what we’ve grown accustomed to, we are willing to compromise truth for favors which we don’t actually need to be effective at being the church. Why do we think that government favor is somehow better than the protection and blessings of almighty God? How many times did the prophets warn the people not to trust in nations for protection? 

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