Hate and Power

It is good that a young man has such deep thoughts. But hate no man, and desire power over no man. For I have a friend who taught me that power corrupts.

Cry, the Beloved Country p. 303

The old passing on wisdom to the young. Simple wisdom. Despite the knowledge and desire and drive and hope of the young man, Kumalo sought to ground him in a truth that would serve him beyond the present and into every situation he found himself—even the frustration of his hopes by others’ selfishness. And of course these hindrances to our dreams always come. And thus the need for this kind of wisdom. 

Put away hate. Remain humble. These forces could move individuals toward hope, families toward wholeness, communities toward flourishing. But don’t we need a Kumalo on our shoulders, whispering this truth in our ears most days? How do we remember the power of love and humility when we’re hurt and wounded and disappointed and vulnerable? Will we come back to the table God has laid for us over and over again to remind ourselves of what truly brings peace? 

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