Sanctity of Life

The idea of aborting an unborn child or abusing a born child or starving an elderly person or torturing an enemy combatant or screaming at an immigrant family, these ought all to be so self-evidently wrong that a “Sanctity of Human Life Sunday” ought to be as unnecessary as a “Reality of Gravity Sunday.”

Onward p. 115

The evangelical world has long been staunchly anti-abortion. I use the left’s choice of term purposefully here because “Pro-life Sunday” or “Sanctity of Human Life Sunday” has mainly only been about abortion. We have not often, I think, focused on the immigrant or minority on one of these Sundays. And so despite evangelical’s belief that all are created in God’s image, the left has been able to make hay with their claim that all we care about are the unborn, however untrue it may be. 

Evangelicals do care for and have cared for humanity far better than a secular society ever will. It just doesn’t appear that way—especially lately when vilifying one’s enemy has become vogue. Maybe the next “Sanctity of Life Sunday” should be a celebration of the dignity of our enemies, especially our political ones. 

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