Human Dignity

A Christianity that doesn’t prophetically speak for human dignity is a Christianity that has lost anything distinctive to say.

Onward p. 115

Maybe that’s overstating things a bit, but it is Christianity’s belief in human dignity—and Christianity’s foundation for that truth—that is distinctive both from other religions and from secularists. We believe we were created by a loving God, who had no need of us to make him happy and no need to feel powerful by exercising authority over us. Instead we were created in love because God is love, and had exercised that love in the Trinity from eternity. No other non-Trinitarian religion can make that claim, and materialist certainly have no foundation upon which to say that man has any dignity. If dignity were not inherent, a day in town (or in our own head) would convince us that maybe we’ve been duped. So it is precisely because it doesn’t appear that man has dignity that we must fight for it—for all humanity, not just those who look like us, act like us, believe like us. All have dignity. 

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