Creating Lesser Creatures

Thus we made it inevitable, and some say we did it knowingly, that labour would come to the towns. We are caught in the toils of our own selfishness. … But whether we be fearful or no, we shall never, because we are Christian people, be able to evade the moral issues.

Cry, the Beloved Country p. 179

When we exploit, it will come back on our own heads. We cannot treat our fellow man as less than human and then hope to maintain a humane society. Robbing one of his worth—his true worth: that he is created in God’s image—leads him and those he influences to behave as a lesser creature, consumed with caring only for the moment and for self. Families deteriorate; hope leaches away; purpose turns only inward and then vanishes in despair. Children do not learn their own or anyone else’s worth. Me and mine are supreme motivators. You and yours are baggage. 

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