The Church and the World

The various penalties for death found in the Old Testament Israel do not translate into public policy, because the commonwealth of Israel is fulfilled not in the state but in the church, and Jesus has disarmed the church from any rule over the outside world.

Onward p. 87

Regardless of how your eschatology informs how you think of the church’s relation to the state and the “outside world” (or Israel), you must be a student of all of Scripture, not just bits and pieces here and there. It appears that many in the church today would have a hard time aligning Moore’s last line here with the political power the church seems to be seeking in America. Could it be that we have become biblically illiterate about the promises that God made to Abraham, Moses, and David? Do we understand how Jesus came to earth in light of those promises? Do we know how the cross and resurrection relate to those promises? Do we understand the mission of the church and in what ways it is different from the mission of Israel? Do we recoil at Moore’s statement and feel like if we don’t have some power via the state, our country will continue to go to the devil? Do we understand that America is neither Israel nor the church? 

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