Two Broken Jaws

… we will follow him to the Place of the Skull. We will carry our crosses. In order to be glorified with him later, we must suffer with him first (Romans 8:17). Turning the other cheek often leaves you with two broken jaws, but Jesus is still King and still right.

Onward p. 64

The pain of this life (especially while doing right) doesn’t nullify the command to die to self daily. It doesn’t show the weakness of the position. In fact, it shows just the opposite. Love, as I wrote about from Cry, the Beloved Country, is the ultimate power. And love sacrifices. Love gives. Love doesn’t seek revenge, nor does it exchange insults. For Jesus gave all and will be exalted above all (Philippians 2:8–11). Jesus is King. The present tense verb is important. He does reign; therefore, his stance is right. And we would do well to note that as we interact with those we disagree with. We aren’t here to win battles. We are here to love—even unto death. 

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