Prophetic Minority

If we are not a “moral majority” in this country, then what are we? I would argue that we should see ourselves as a prophetic minority

Even some sectors of religious activism chafe at the honest accounting of apostolic Christianity as a minority viewpoint in Western culture. Minorities do not exert influence, they will contend, on the culture or the systems around it. The temptation is to pretend to be a majority, even if one is not. This is a profoundly Darwinian way of viewing the world, like a frightened animal puffing out its chest in order to seem larger and fiercer, in the hopes of scaring off predators. But such is not the way of Christ.

Onward p. 29

The power play does not work. He’s right: that’s not the way of Christ. The only one who could have made a legitimate power play—“you would have no authority over me if it had not been given to you from above”—chose instead to humble himself and become obedient to the point of death—and called his followers to follow in his steps. 

Jesus never shrank from the truth, but he never needed a power play to make a point (and no, the turning over the tables in the Temple was not a power play). He influenced ultimately because he loved—which was defined by his sacrifice.

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