Staking Claim

In many ways, gardening is a race to see who stakes claim to the soil first—whose plants get to grow and where. Mine or natures?

Turning of Days p. 26

Let’s begin with the premise that we actually do have the right—the command—to cultivate the ground, to plant, to tend things. It’s not that nature’s choices are necessarily bad; though, sometimes they are, as nature is fallen like us. It’s that it is right and good to stake claim to a plot of ground to provide beauty or food. 

Though that’s the staring point, it’s not THE point I want to get at. The point is that this analogy works in discipleship as well as gardening. People will be influenced. A worldview will take root and stake its claim in a person’s heart—in your heart. The question: Which worldview gets to grow? Which story gets told and read and loved first? Which plant crowds out all others? And thus the need for discipleship which points to Christ and not just what we’re against. It’s one thing to weed a bed and have a blank slate. It’s another to fill that bare dirt with beauty. 

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