You are satisfied with your day when there is a match between what you value and how you spent your time.

What’s Best Next p. 52

Maybe not as good a summary as the line from chapter 2, but this points us in the right direction. And in chapter 3: “Why We Need to Be God-Centered in our Productivity,” Perman gets to the root of the problem of why we so often feel unsatisfied: Values are not enough. They’re not enough because 1) Values by themselves are subjective, and without God they have no foundation to rest on. 2) The earth is cursed and so we will always run up against futility in our work. But what if instead of basing success or satisfaction on whether the day lined up with our values, we based satisfaction on the Rock, the unmoving, unchangeable God who offers forgiveness in Christ? 

This certainly doesn’t remove the curse, but God does define the right things to do. We can at least know what matters most and that is his glory. That is the measure of effectiveness. That’s certainly all very vague still. I’m assuming he’ll flesh this out some more, but part of our struggle is the culture which says getting things done is so important. So our values are formed by the world around us. Thus we are necessarily conditioned to feel unsatisfied with our day.

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