Work Clearly Defined

When you don’t have your work clearly defined, there can never be a finish point.

What’s Best Next p. 36

But in all tasks is finishing the goal or is faithfulness the goal? And are those two things at odds? I suppose the small tasks (he’s just used email as an example) need to be dealt with in some way, but if my work is to love people, if, as he says, “generosity is at the heart of true productivity,” does that have an end point? Can you finish being generous, finish loving? 

Now, again, I think I know what he’s getting at, so my criticisms (or questions?) are a little wide of the mark. But I also think we’re prone to try to systematize and relegate to task-level-effectiveness the call to love and serve, and I’m just not sure that works. But I’m curious as to how he’ll balance the minutia of life and the big picture, both of which demand our time and energy.

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