Generosity and Productivity

Generosity is at the heart of true productivity in all areas of life.

What’s Best Next p. 29

This should be obvious for Christians. We are a people who are called to daily die to self. We are commanded as of supreme importance to love God and love others. We cannot read the Bible and escape this truth. We can, however, read the culture—and especially some forms of Christian culture—and feel that self-protection is paramount. And so production for the benefit of self could quite possibly be the driving force behind our motivations for how we work and how we care for what we possess and manage.

But if indeed I am a steward—and a steward for the sake of others—then the idea of generosity as the heart of my life, including how I think about productivity, makes sense. But it can’t remain at the that-makes-sense level. It actually should change the way we think about life and how we do life: from work to worship, from rest to recreation. All of our loves and all of our lives should be centered around loving God and loving others as we die to self and be generous with our blessings. Good stewarded generosity should be the story we are writing. That would, after all, only be mimicking our Savior.

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