Being Interfered With

He had found God inconvenient because, as he would observe many years later, he did not want to be ‘interfered with.’ 

Becoming C.S. Lewis p. 230

Ah, the cry of man: “Don’t interfere with me!” And how quickly the inconvenient—even God—can be related to mythic status. For if he is not myth, it’s abundantly clear that he has every right to interfere with us. 

But myth is not enough for some. Those who inconvenience us—the ones that challenge our presuppositions, our way of life—must be silenced. And so mythologizing become mocking, shunning, belittling, attacking. We hide our pride behind a self-made dogma that paints clear lines, but actually has no clarity in a reality that is formed by individuals and culture only. The dogma of culture and power is no dogma at all worth believing in. It’s just a front, a hope, to be able to live life on my terms, hopefully not inconvenienced by your bigotry, your dogma. 

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