A Christmas Carol: Stave 1, Day 5

Do you feel sorry for Scrooge’s clerk? In just a few short pages we learn that he only has one piece of coal and a candle to keep warm on this bitterly cold day (Have you ever tried writing with really cold hands?). Scrooge threatens to fire him for applauding the nephew’s speech about the importance of Christmas. Finally, he’s chastised by Scrooge for wanting Christmas day off. How would you feel if you were in his shoes? Do you feel sorry for him? 

Don’t. For he doesn’t feel sorry for himself. What does he do when he leaves the cold confines of his office? Mope home, bemoaning the weather and his boss and his situation and his low pay? No, he goes sliding on some ice in the street with a bunch of boys (twenty times) and then runs home to play games. Here’s a man full of life and joy. 

We can learn a lot from this clerk, and we’ll learn more as the story progresses. But for now, just one question: Are you making the time to enjoy life, despite the hindrances? For the Son of Man came into this world that we might have abundant life, even in the midst of a hard life. 

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