Les Miserables: Sin and Gravity

“To sin as little as possible is the law of men; to sin not at all is a dream for angels. All earthly things are subject to sin; it is like the force of gravity.”

p. 30

A law. Not a theory. Not a hypothesis or conjecture or well regarded myth. No, a law. Sin, like gravity, affects all on earth. But sin, unlike gravity can’t be overcome with enough force. No way we don’t carry it into the heavens with us—ask Ransom. 

If we could soar on the wings of angels, we would pollute the heavens and then when we fell off, we’d plummet again back to earth. But a sinless existence is not just a dream for angels. It is the hope of man. Not that we’ll overcome here—but that Christ already overcame. And being united with him in the likeness of his death, we also will be in the likeness of his resurrection. Free, not from gravity in the new Heavens and Earth, but from sin. 

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