Rebecca: An Unconcerned Garden

Here at Manderley a new day was starting, the things of the garden were not concerned with our troubles.

p. 356

An unconcerned garden: let that be a reminder, not that we should be unconcerned with our troubles, but that someone bigger than our troubles exists. The garden grows because plants “yielding seed after their kind” was thought of at creation. Beauty and order and propagation remind us that the darkness of the world does not, cannot, have the final say because the one who said, “Let there be light” is still in control. The garden (or any beautiful thing) is not meant to take away the troubles. It is to be a “rampart for our souls”* in the midst of troubles. 

* a line from the song “Why It Matters” from the album Add to the Beauty (2005) by Sara Groves

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