Anne of Green Gables: The Key to Temptation

It’s all very well to say resist temptation, but it’s ever so much easier to resist if you can’t get the key.

p. 170

We’ve heard this line of reasoning before: “If your eye causes you to sin … .” Remove the source of temptation and, lo and behold, the temptation is removed. So easy on the surface. But we have an enemy who’s made duplicate keys and hides them around in plain sight.

So certainly remove the temptations, but resolve must be built. It must be fortified and fed, for we will stumble upon keys unawares now and then. And then we have to decide to leave them be. This, too, is easier if our mind is already engaged elsewhere and our hands are employed in something. 

A key is a shining piece of mystery promising something behind the lock. But if we remember that the door to the greatest treasure stands already opened in Christ, this tempter key will hold less sway. 

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