Anne of Green Gables: It Has Such a Roll

“‘Infinite, eternal, and unchangeable.” Isn’t that grand? It has such a roll to it—just like a big organ playing. You couldn’t quite call it poetry, I suppose, but it sounds a lot like it, doesn’t it.

p. 61

Anne, “the pagan,” is enraptured by the words of the catechism. Yet surely it is not just the “roll” of the words but their weight as well. Even if Anne knew little of the meaning behind the catechism, she caught the beauty and depth the framers meant for it to carry. We, all of us—unknowing—can, at times, catch the depth of creation, at least enough that we are “without excuse.” But Anne surely catches more because she observes. She listens. Words are not just conveyers of meaning. They are conveyers of a deeper truth like a big organ reverberating in one’s chest. Life—including its words—has a weight deeper than just surface meaning for those who will take time to see. 

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