The Hobbit: Chapter 2 SUMMARY: Roast Mutton

Bilbo slept in. When he awoke, the dwarves were gone, but they left evidence of a hastily eaten breakfast. Bilbo assumes they have left without him, so he takes a leisurely time cleaning up their mess and making himself some breakfast. At first he was a bit disappointed that they left without him, but as the morning progressed he berated himself for even thinking he should go—until Gandalf showed up. 

In a matter of moments he had shown Bilbo the letter the dwarves left and rushed him out the door without any pocket handkerchief, walking stick, or hat. He met the dwarves at the Green Dragon, and they were off. Shortly after, Gandalf joined them with pocket handkerchiefs as well as Bilbo’s pipe and some tobacco. 

The fair traveling weather lasted for days, but eventually turned foul, and Bilbo wished, not for the last time, that he was home by his fire. When they stopped for the night to camp in the wilds, they noticed that Gandalf was no longer with them. They had trouble starting a fire, lost most of their food in the river, and were most miserable until they noticed a light off in the distance. They set off to explore and sent their burglar ahead to check out the situation. 

The situation was three trolls, and when Bilbo tried to pick a troll’s pocket, the magic purse gave him away, and he was snatched up. The conversation turned to eating him and if there were any others like him, and, as trolls do, they began fighting, which resulted in them dropping Bilbo. But before he could recover sufficiently to warn the others of the trolls, Balin showed up and was immediately snatched up, followed by the rest of the dwarves as each came to investigate. Bilbo was stuck in a bush, and now the trolls began arguing about the best way to kill and eat the dwarves.

As they finally reached a decision, a voice, which two of the trolls thought was their third companion, began the argument all over again. In this way the trolls kept arguing until the sun came up, and they were turned to stone. It was then discovered by the rest that Gandalf had been the other voice. 

After explanations were given by Bilbo, the party raided the trolls lair for food and some rather nice weapons, even including a sword for Bilbo. Gandalf then explained where he had been, how he had met some elves, heard about the trolls, and then returned to check on his friends. 

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